2017 Training Dates:

Training is conducted in three parts:

August 25-27; September 8-24; September 29-October 1.

Sample Schedule:  Lecture/Discussion/Practicum=LDP

Typical Weekday:
9:30am         90 Minute Class
11am            2 hour Lunch Break/Study
1pm              LDP
4pm              Break
4:30pm         75 Minute Class
5:45pm         1 hour Dinner Break/Study
6:45pm          LDP
10pm             End
Typical Weekend:
4:30pm          75 Minute Class
5:45pm          1 hour Dinner Break/Study
6:45pm          LDP
10pm             End
7am                LDP
8:30am           Break
9am                90 Minute Class (Saturday’s w/Trainer)
11am              LDP
12:30pm         Lunch Break/Study
1:30pm           LDP
6pm                End/Dinner Break/Study

Upon acceptance trainees will receive a study packet, basic outline instructional script and reading list. Trainees are expected to complete a quiz based on the study packet and fill in the outline script before the training start date. Trainees will also be given instructions for the reading list on what needs to be read and by when.

BYC|YOGA26 Hot26 Yoga Teacher Training | 230Hr Curriculum includes:

  • Basic human anatomy and physiology
  • Specific alignment, benefits and contraindications of the 26 foundational postures of the Hot26 series
  • Common problematic anatomy or conditions, and how to correct, assist or modify for them.
  • Subtle anatomy, fascia and the Energy Body
  • The art of teaching yoga and specifically the Hot26 series
  • Essential yoga history and philosophy from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Hatha Yoga Pradipika
  • History of the Ghosh Yoga lineage